Corfo's support programs for investors, allow the co-funding of the following activities:

Pre investment studies execution.

Technological infrastructure implementation.

Specialized Human Capital recruitment and hiring.

Activities associated to a supplier development program.

Investment grant


Chile is promoting a green hydrogen industry and the development of an ecosystem by achieving industrial production. This will include demanding fuel agents, investors, technology developers, electricity suppliers, producers and regulators. All of them coordinated and aligned in the promotion of this effort.


Corfo opened, on April 20th 2021, a call for up to 50 million dollars to national and foreign companies to finance and leverage green hydrogen projects in Chile to solve some gaps and strengthen this new economic sector for the country. The contribution will co-finance a maximum of 30 million dollars per project and will be delivered for the development of new green hydrogen plants in Chile.


  • Istall a minimum electrolyzer nominal capacity of 10 MW
  • Use 100% renewable energy
  • Commissioning due date up to 2025
  • Companies that apply must demonstrate an international risk rating equal to or greater than BBB- / Baa3 and annual sales greater than 25 millones de dólares


As part of the sustainable economic recovery, Chile's Economic Development Agency (Corfo) is working on developing the green hydrogen industry and its derivatives to facilitate the energy transformation of both the transportation and industrial sectors, while opening a new exporting market that contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at the domestic and global levels.


Corfo, Ministry of Energy, and Ministry of National Assets are facilitating an open, participatory, and transparent process to obtain information and identify public land of interest for companies and consortia to submit proposals for sustainable productive development based on the production, transportation, storage, and use of green hydrogen and/or its derivatives.


The first stage of this participatory process is focused on gathering expressions of interest from the market and the industry to implement large and medium-scale industrial projects in Chile, which will be carried out through this request for information process (RFI).


Call for RFI: October 2020

Close for RFI: December 9th, 2020

Decision: January 6th, 2021


Chilean Institute of Clean Technologies (RFP)

Support the creation and installation of a Technological Institute that develops research and development activities, transfer of technology and innovation, specialized technological and technical assistance, technological diffusion or generation of research and information to support regulation and public policies, in the areas of solar energy, sustainable mining and advanced materials of lithium and other minerals.


Entity of research and technological development, public or private, representatives of universities and/or Government.


The maximum basal funds that you will be able to access is a maximum accumulated amount of USD 193,485,024, during a period from 2018 to the year 2030 (hereinafter the "R&D contribution").

The financing structure must contemplate a "Co-financing Proposal", with a minimum average of 30% of private co-financing, for each of the stages.



  • Advanced technological infrastructure
  • Portfolio of industry-oriented R&D projects.
  • New technologies, adopted by the industry.
  • Provision of new services, component production and/or integration of solutions, in Chile and abroad.
  • New materials and innovations that add value to lithium, salts and other materials in the supply chain of green growth.


Call for RFP: October 2019

Close for RFP: March 31st 2020

Decision: May 2020


Lithium Call

CORFO is looking for one or more, domestic or international companies that have proven experience, technical and financial capacities in these investment and manufacture fields. These companies may have these capacities by themselves, or in association with others through consortiums, joint ventures or any other type of association. The selected companies will have access to a long-time lithium raw material supply from SQM Salar S.A. at preferential prices.

  • The preferential price is calculated as the weighted average FOB (Free on Board) price for the lowest 20% by price of SQM's export volume over the last six months. The preferential price will be calculated monthly for each of the product technical specifications, regardless of shipping destination or volume.
  • Corfo and SQM have signed a preferential price implementation protocol under which SQM will supply lithium to the awarded Specialized Producers. For more details regarding the protocol, please download document above.
  •  Furthermore, the awarded companies will have the option of employing 10% of the public resources from the Chilean Institute of Clean Technologies (with government contributions of US$ 193 million) for Research and Development purposes.


Start: April 5, 2019

End of Call: March 18, 2020

Results: May 29, 2020


Integrated Foster Initiatives

It supports the implementation of technological investment projects, whether they are new projects or at an expansion stage.

  • 30% of the investment done by the business during the first two years of the project implementation. It applies for USD 2 million investment projects or higher. The máximum co-funding per project is up to USD 5 million. Hiring and training of specialized human capital. Supplier’s development program activities. Technological asset expenditures. It funds up to 30% of the amount granted by Corfo.
  • Hiring and training of specialized human capital.
  • Supplier’s development program activities.
  • Technological asset expenditures. It funds up to 30% of the amount granted by Corfo.
Funds up to

Support Program for Projects at a Pre-Investment Stage.

It supports the implementation of pre-investment studies to encourage and accelerate the decision-making process aimed to invest in new projects or to expand the company’s current capacities.

It funds up to 70% of the pre-investment studies cost, with a maximum of USD 250,000 for USD 2 million investment projects or higher.

Funds up to

Guarantees for access to bank financing

Pro Investment Guarantee.

This program is intended to improve the access and funding conditions for companies developing an investment project, through guarantees granted to the financial lending institutions. aaIt guarantees up to 80% of the funds needed with a maximum of USD 4 million.

Guarantees up to
Allow a reduction of

r&d tax incentive law 20.241

R&D Tax Incentive.

This tax incentive, allows a reduction in the Income Tax of 35% of the investment in R&D, by tax credit. With a maximum of USD 1.2 million. It also allows to consider the remaining 65% of R&D investment, as required expenses to deduct Income Tax.

This tax benefit is complementary to other Corfo´s programs and subsidies.

Support for Entrepreneurs

Start-Up Chile is a public business accelerator program created by the Chilean Government for high-potential entrepreneurs to bootstrap their startups using Chile as a platform to go global. Up until today, its one of the biggest and most diverse accelerators in the world. Start-Up Chile has a large portfolio, receiving up to 180 startups per year. This deal flow is represented by 2 distinct programs based on the stage of the startup:

The S Factory: Pre-acceleration program for startups in early concept stage lead by female founders. Selected companies receive $10 Million Chilean Pesos (USD $16k approx.) equity free plus a 4-month pre-acceleration program and the possibility to receive a $5 Million CLP extension. Two rounds a year of 25-33 companies each.

Seed: 7-9 month acceleration program for startups with at least a functional product or service. From G20 on, selected companies receive $25 Million Chilean Pesos (USD $42k approx.) equity free, a 7 month acceleration program and the possibility to receive a $25 Million CLP extension. Two rounds a year of approximetly 80 companies each.

Grants for innovation

Technological Contracts

It promotes links and partnerships between companies and suppliers of knowledge, helping to solve problems through contracts for technological innovation.

It finances up to 70%, 60% or 50% of the contracts for technological innovation projects, depending on the size of the company, with a maximum funding of USD 300,000.

Funds up to

L1: Products or Processes Innovation (Prototypes).

L1 is a subsidy for testing development, experimentation, the improvement of processes, design and prototyping construction, among other activities.

It finances up to 70%, 60% or 50% of the total project cost, depending on the size of the company, with a maximum funding of USD 90,000.

L2: Innovations Validation and Packaging.

L2 is a grant for development initiatives related with the adjustment prototype, validation, testing, expansion and approvals.

Finances up to 70%, 60% or 50% of the total project cost, depending on the size of the company, with a maximum of USD 300,000.

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